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Audio Score – Video – McIntosh MC611 – Review

Mcintosh MC 611 AC review

McIntosh MC611 Review

The Mcintosh MC 611 is a mono, high-end, audio power amplifier and this review truly shocked me.

The overall experience with these power amplifiers is so extraordinary, that it is hard to go back to something of less quality. If you get the chance to listen to a pair of 611, take it and never look back.

In the Mcintosh Line-Up, the Mono-Blocks are usually on the upper end of the spectrum. The 611 is the current model at the time of this review and it replaced the mighty 601 a couple of years ago. It currently comes in at Euros 11.000 on the European market. The 601 is a very popular Mcintosh product and this review will tell if the 611 can fill the huge footsteps of its predecessor.

This A3S – score review is quite simple, with 3 main chapters:

  • The first part of the score focuses on SIGHT. The total score is 40 points maximum.
  • The second part focuses on the SOUND aspects of the device with a maximum of 50 points.
  • Then we give the device a value score with a maximum of 10 points.

The SIGHT and SOUND Audio score rates the amplifier in various sub-categories and the value to put it into perspective with other devices.

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