Audioscore for Mcintosh MC 611 AC Amplifier 15a Review

Audio Score – Mcintosh MC 611 AC – Review

Mcintosh MC 611 AC
Audio Score – Mcintosh MC 611 AC – Audio Components Review
Mcintosh MC 611 AC

Mcintosh MC 611 AC

The Mcintosh MC 611 is a mono, high-end, audio power amplifier and this review truly shocked me.

The performance was so effortless, powerful, controlled, and magical, that, with the right equipment, it is immediately audible even when compared to other great amps such as the Mcintosh MC452.

The overall experience with these power amplifiers is so extraordinary, that it is hard to go back to something of less quality. If you get the chance to listen to a pair of 611, take it and never look back.

In the Mcintosh Line-Up, the Mono-Blocks are usually on the upper end of the spectrum. The 611 is the current model at the time of this review and it replaced the mighty 601 a couple of years ago. It currently comes in at Euros 11.000 on the European market. The 601 is a very popular Mcintosh product and this review will tell if the 611 can fill the huge footsteps of its predecessor.

With a weight of 98 pounds (45kG) or 130pounds (60kG) packaged, it is Mcintosh typically heavy. The weight of the amp makes it almost impossible to move it around without the help of a friend. However, Mcintosh equips their top end models with handles, which definitely make it easier to carry it with 2 people. Like with the MC452, let me start with a introduction before we start with the A3S score of the MC611. The Mcintosh MC611 is equipped with the latest and greatest technology from Mcintosh and inherits a lot of quirks from their flagship K models (1.25kW and 2KW). In comparison to the MC601 the changes and improvements seem minimal at first, but under the hood, filter capacity has increased by 66% resulting in a much higher dynamic range. This is hard to imagine because the 601 is considered a truly dynamic and punchy power amplifier.

If you ever have the chance to check out hifi-audio in Düsseldorf, please do. They are not only very competent, but also have a huge selection of high-end stuff. For the last 20 years, I have been a happy customer and can highly recommend a personal visit or digital on:

This review is also recorded in their main studio. I have listened to many systems here and can perfectly place my listening experience and compare it to reviews of the past

This review is quite simple, with 3 main chapters:

The Audio Scaleurs Sight & Sound Score, or The A3S-Score
Download the A3S-Score

This A3S – score review is quite simple, with 3 main chapters: 

  • The first part SIGHT focusses on the score of the device. Based on my personal experience, I will rate the speakers in various categories, give a score for the current value and the give it an audio-score. The total score is 40 points maximum.
  • The second part focusses on the SOUND aspects of the device, with a maximum of 50 points. 
  • Last, we have the VALUE part, that accounts for 10 points.

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