All About HiFi Speakers, Speakers first right?
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All About Speakers

We are far more focused on a “speakers first” approach as while “junk in, junk out” is certainly the case (i.e. good source material is vital), many music sources now whether via streaming or vinyl are of such excellent quality that the biggest variable with any system is the choice, set-up and positioning of your speakers.


All About Speakers

Speakers First

Speaker Time.

Equally as important as the amplification are the speakers. Here is where the signal is converted into sound. The signal is converted into vibration and there have been many techniques to make this happen. Starting with horn technology from many years ago, to electrostatics up until complex fabrics in the recent years, the main goal has always been to bring vibrations to the air. The speakers are a very complex structure in itself consisting mainly of a corpus, a terminal, cables, a crossover and drive units.

My personal taste might vary from yours, but if you become an audio-scaleur and jump on the journey to audiophile bliss, the selection of the right speakers will be an enjoyment on its own. It might mean you will have to carry heavy, fragile boxes in and out of your listening space, but in the end, it will be so worth it.

As stated in the other services (Amplifiers & Sources) portions as well, it is not all about speakers on its own. The speakers will make a huge difference, but please avoid picking the parts solely. The result depends on how the source, the amps and the speakers play together in your listening space.

Speaker Brands.

Let me showcase a few brands that have given me exceptional bliss over the last decades, which one might consider for a listening test. Please feel free to recommend technologies and manufacturers, which, based on your experience, combine quality and musical excellence best.


800 series 

Home Audio

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Reference K


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Premium Audio

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Martin Logan

If Air Could Speak


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Utopia III

High Fidelity Speakers

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