Why You need an Amplifier, and what are the differences?
Achieving the 'perfect' sound
How important is a hi-fi amplifier for your sound?

Every stereo system requires an amplifier – it’s what breathes life into the loudspeakers. Even the smallest loudspeakers have an amplification module somewhere in their structure, only it’s usually integrated so well that it can’t be seen.


Achieving the “perfect" sound

Big differences in power, quality and finesse

Why Amplifiers.

Every audioscaleur needs some kind of audio amplification in their setup. There are quite a few technical concepts that try to achieve the “perfect sound”. Every concept has its supporters.

Throughout the last 20 years I have experienced the differences in power, quality and finesse of many amplifiers and the search for the best “bang for the buck” or “best overall” never stops. I would like to take you on my future journey of musical enjoyment and share my passion for amplifiers.

No matter if it is solid state, tube or purely digital. Every concept has its pros and cons. I am excited to explore all types and price levels. I will also be testing amplifiers from the earlier days and not only the newest on the block.

Three Kinds of Amplifiers.


A pre-amplifier converts a weak electrical signal into an output signal strong enough to be noise-tolerant and strong enough for further processing, or for sending to a power amplifier and a loudspeaker. Without this, the final signal would be noisy or distorted.

2. Power Amplifiers.

A power amplifier is an electronic amplifier designed to increase the magnitude of power of a given input signal. The power of the input signal is increased to a level high enough to drive loads of output devices like speakers, headphones,  etc. … In this case a microphone is used as an input source.

3. Integrated Amplifiers.

An integrated amplifier is actually two components in one. A combination of the a power amplifier, which generates the wattage needed to drive your loudspeakers, and a preamplifier, that accepts the inputs from all of your music source components.

Mcintosh Controller and preamplifiers
McIntosh Power Amplifier
Power Amplifiers
McIntosh MC1502 Amplifier
Integrated Amplifiers

In the past there have been a few manufacturers that have excited me in the high-end world. I would like to take a chance to name a few and I truly hope this list will only get longer over the years:

T+A    –    Mcintosh    –    Accuphase    –    Luxman    –    Rotel    –    Marantz

If you think there is something we should try, please leave a message, so I can arrange it.

As stated in the other services portions as well, it is not all about amplification on its own. The amplifier can make a huge difference, but please avoid picking the parts solely. The result  depends on how the source, the amps and the speakers play together in your listening space.

T+A Amplifier

As with the audio systems, their loudspeaker concepts have also been developed for a wide range of all kinds of requirements.

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McIntosh Amplifier

Uncompromising McIntosh sound quality with the latest home theater technologies.

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Accuphase Precion Stereo Preamplifier C-2850

Music can be soothing, exciting, exhilarating. It can move our hearts and enrich our lives, which is the goal for Accuphase, they seek through audio technology.

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Inside of an Audio Amplifier

Composers, performers and recording engineers have poured their true feelings into our favorite pieces of music. LUXMAN would be satisfied if the listener could experience those same passions through their products.

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Michi Amplifier

Michi is a flagship series of products built on the history and heritage of Rotel.

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Home Theather Controller

True hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended.

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