Audioscore for Mcintosh MA 6900 AC – Integrated Amplifier Review

Audio Score – Mcintosh MA 6900 AC – Integrated Amplifier Review

Mcintosh MA 6900 AC – Integrated Amplifier Review - Audioscaleurs
Audio Score – Mcintosh MA 6900 AC – Integrated Amplifier Review

The Mcintosh MA 6900 is a two-channel integrated amplifier. It was introduced in 2001 and the flagship Mcintosh integrated featuring much of the newest technology at the time.

It was in production for more than 15 years and is considered one of the most widely appreciated Mcintosh amplifiers of all time.

In this AudioIntro, I would like to highlight the features and sonic impressions I have from the 6900, based on extensive listening in a medium to large sized living room.

The MA 6900 was connected to an Isotek Aquarius EVO3, a Linn streamer and the Bowers & Wilkins 801D4 flagship speakers. The cables are from ViaBlue and are called LC 6.

The Mcintosh is a pure analog integrated and features:

  • 1 balanced input
  • 5 unbalanced inputs
  • 1 MM Phono input
  • 1 MC Phono input
  • 1 unbalanced variable input
  • 2 unbalanced variable outputs

On top of that, the 6900 is equipped with an analog five band equalizer.

In measurements the solid-state class A/B design is capable to push out 250 watts per channel continuous into 8 Ohms and it weights 34 KGs.

I traded the Mcintosh when I sold the customer a combination of C500 and MC601s to fire his B&W 800 D2.

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  • Last, we have the VALUE part, that accounts for 10 points.

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Time for the Audio Components Review!

Some quotes while listening to the Ma 6900:



I want to listen to it all the time. It is never annoying.

I didn’t know that this song can actually sound ok.

I hope you enjoyed this review and come back for more content

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