Bluesound Node N130 Review - Audiophile Bliss for 550 Euros

Audio Score – Bluesound Node N130 – Audiophile Bliss for 550 Euros – Review

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Bluesound Node N130

Bluesound Node N130 – audioscaleurs

The source is a key component for your listening experience, no matter if it is analog or digital. Over the years, I have used many streamers and DACs at various price levels, before I finally settled in with my Linn Majik DS1. This review is about the Bluesound N130, the latest revision of the Bluesound lineup, replacing the Node 2i.

The Node was up against my memory of the predecessor Node 2i, and its predecessor, the Node 2. In my listening room, it was in A/B comparison against the Linn and the internal DAC of the Mcintosh C47 stereo preamplifier. I played around extensively with using the DAC in the Bluesound, the Linn and the Mcintosh. The general setup consisted of the streamer connected to the C47, into the Mcintosh MC302 and the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond (D2) speakers. All electronics were connected to the Isotek Aquarius 3 EVO, a device I will not let go off for a while.

The Bluesound

The Bluesound was packaged similar to its predecessors. It comes with various power cords/plugs for the regions, an analog cable, a manual and the device itself. At a price of 549 Euros, the packaging is adequate but nothing more. After taking out the Bluesound and connecting it to the preamp via a Goldkabel highline coax cable, the power cord and the RJ45 network cable, the BluOS app pretty much immediately finds the new device in the network. The initial setup via RJ45 Ethernet is very simple and straight forwards.

Bluesound Node N130 – Audiophile

Bluesound Node N130 – Audiophile

To get some sound out of the device, I set up my Qobuz account in the IOS APP and started streaming. 15 minutes after unboxing the device, I was listening to the tunes of Dire Straits. Overall, the setup and installation are dead simple and can be done just with the Phone (Blusound APP) and the ethernet connection to the Router. If you don’t have ethernet, you can also pair the Node 130 via Bluetooth and Wifi, to stream music with and also via your smartphone.

If you ever have the chance to check out hifi-audio in Düsseldorf, please do. They are not only very competent, but also have a huge selection of high-end stuff. For the last 20 years, I have been a happy customer and can highly recommend a personal visit or digital on:

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