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Audio Score – Isotek Aquarius 3 Evo – Review

Isotek Aquarius 3 Evo - audioscaleurs
Audio Score – Isotek Aquarius 3 Evo – Audio Components Review
Isotek - Audiosacaleurs

Isotek – Audiosacaleurs

Ask yourself: how you listen to music?

Do you do critical listening or is it mostly casual listening. If it is casual listening or background music, congratulations for spending little or lots on your system, you can stop reading here. For everyone who does critical listening, wants to find all the details and is in love with music – read further.

Over the last 15 years, I have always been skeptical towards spending money on anything else but the “essentials” to improve the overall sound quality of a system.

The essentials being the source, the amplification, and the speakers.

I am a fan of spending a decent amount on cables, however it should be reasonable, and the choice is very subjective.

A few weeks ago, my local dealer advised me to take a listen to the Isotek Aquarius 3 Evo. Again, I was laughing at them. Why spend that much money on a power conditioner? A what? To give you a heads up, this device will not leave my room for a while and here is why.


First, the Aquarius Evo 3 comes nicely packaged. The quality of materials is adequate to a device that costs 1.400 Euros in Germany. When you unpack it, you find a nice, heavy, and sturdy power cord, which is proprietary to the Evo 3. Before you connect it to the EVO 3, you must test your power plugs’ phasing. This will determine which way you put in the power cord of the EVO.

When this is done, connect your sources to the four low power plugs (5A) and the subwoofer and/or power amps to the two high power plugs(16A).

There are two high current, low impedance outlets, rated at 16A, delivering 3,680W at 230V or 1,840W at 115V. These are suitable for power amplifiers, active loudspeakers or sub woofers. The four remaining medium current outputs rated at 5A are designed for source components and feature IsoTek’s unique Adaptive Gating © technology that autosenses the connected load, thus giving the ideal optimal clean power based upon power draw.

Now that everything was connected, I started to listen to my usual suspects.

I connected the television, the turntable, the streamer, and the preamp to the 5A plugs and the power Amplifier to one of the 16A plugs. My usual suspects are: All Dire Straits, some Billie Eilish, some Adele, and some electronic music from today The impact of the Aquarius 3 is tremendous: Imagine watching your favorite movie with a high-end projector.

You spend 10k on a top-of-the-line video projector, you plug it in, you stare at the picture. At this time, you have not spent much time in investing into a proper canvas. It is just your wall, but it looks simply stunning. Now imagine the canvas screen is pitch black. Deep black. This is what the Evo does. It is the OLED of Audio for me.

The background noise is simply nonexistent. The logical result must be a much more transparent, detailed, and convincing musical reproduction. The Isotek makes my music system shine, and I will never give it away. With this investment you make sure your high-end system delivers on its capabilities.

Coming back to the start, take this investment if you want to get the best out of your high-end system and care for every detail. It makes a difference.


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