Let's review the McIntosh MC 452, and get the audioscore

Audio Score – Video Mcintosh MC 452 AC – Review

Mcintosh MC 452

Mcintosh MC 452 amplifier Review – The Audio Score

The McIntosh MC 452 is a two channel, high-end audio power amplifier.

In the McIntosh Line-Up it used to be the flagship two-channel stereo amplifier from 2012 until 2018. It was replaced by its successor, the MC462, with a price of around USD 8000, when introduced. It was significantly more expensive on the European market, coming in at up to €12.495 in 2018.

This A3S – score review is quite simple, with 3 main chapters:

  • The first part of the score focuses on SIGHT. The total score is 40 points maximum.
  • The second part focuses on the SOUND aspects of the device with a maximum of 50 points.
  • Then we give the device a value score with a maximum of 10 points.

The SIGHT and SOUND Audio score rates the amplifier in various sub-categories and the value to put it into perspective with other devices.

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Download HERE the audioscore summary.

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